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Ruthie Lawrence began her Pilates career in Palm Beach in 2002. She is a highly trained Pilates instructor who has a commitment to excellence. Ruthie developed her own ‘inside out method’ of training that is particularly successful for people who want to improve their posture, internal body strength, balance, and flexibility. She is devoted to helping her clients understand the concepts of bone stabilization so they can use this method for all activities or functions performed within a day. Her intent for all of her clients is to achieve a lengthening of all muscles while creating a stronger, balanced more beautiful body.

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Clients Say
  • My wife pointed out that I was starting to stoop a little as I grew older and I noticed my balance was occasionally a little shaky. I have been a Ruthie Lawrence client now for 4 years and it has changed my life, all for the better. Her ‘inside-out method’ is truly amazing.

    John Sculley
    - Palm Beach resident
  • I am a tall slim women and have kept myself fit over the years with a daily yoga practice. I was looking for a change and my husband had been working with Ruthie for years. I saw the changes in his flexibility, strength and balance. I now have worked with Ruthie for over a year and Ruthie has a total grasp of all aspects of the body, fascia, and what each muscle can do. She is a master at all aspects of Pilates and has created the “Ruthie wall” that helps you go deeper into your exercise program with wonderful results.

    Diane Sculley
  • For the last 45 years I ran to keep in shape.  When I finally retired  after eclipsing 80, I figured it was time to put my core in the shape that my legs were in. It worked. Thanks to the Pilate Training with Ruthie Lawrence,  I was able to handle the inevitable senior bumps with ease and surprise the staff at Good Samaritan Hospital.

    John A. Celentano, Jr.
  • I feel so lucky to have found Ruthie! I’ve taken Pilates classes in Los Angeles and New York, some were good, some were ok, but none were as effective and fun at the same time as Ruthie’s. If you’re going to pay for a private lesson you want the instructor to focus on YOU, and you want them to know what they are doing. Ruthie knows what she is doing! Every hour is designed to bring your whole body to it’s best point. I have never felt as toned, fit, flexible or comfortable in my clothes as I do now that I follow a regular routine of Pilates workouts with Ruthie.

    Stephanie La Nasa
    - Palm Beach, Florida
  • I have multiple sclerosis, and although I used to be very fit, exercise became frustrating for me. My balance is off, and one side of my body is weaker than the other, not to mention the fact that I could never keep up with a class of 20 year old’s any more. So, I started private Pilates classes with Ruthie, and my faith in myself has been restored! Ruthie immediately recognized how to modify the exercises for me, and encouraged me to see beyond my disability. Ruthie has a great personality, obviously has tons of experience, and her new studio is really clean and beautiful. Whether you have a disability or not, I highly recommend Ruthie at Palm Beach Pilates.

    Kelly Brown
    - West Palm Beach
  • Ruthie has a unique ability to amend her class on the go, as she listens to what clients say and what their bodies “tell” her. This flexibility, coupled with her knowledge makes her a treasured part of our fitness program.

    Betsy & Richard Sheer
  • Ever since I have been training with Ruthie Lawrence I have found a more balanced stance, I am walking better in my shoes and can stand up taller through out my day. Her enthusiasm lead to the development of Ruthie’s wall, without it I couldn’t feel as tall as I am now. Thank you Ruthie and I’m proud of  you and Palm Beach Pilates.

    Beth Rudin DeWoody
Palm Beach Pilates

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