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Pilates is a physical activity that promotes a number of health benefits. Certainly, it’s easy to see how physical activity can benefit physical health. But, did you know that pilates can work to assist in maintaining good mental health too? Especially with pilates instructor training, individuals can experience a number of mental health benefits from the effective and ancient practice of pilates.

Pilates Stimulates Mindfulness – an Effective Mental Health Tool

One of the most influential aspects of pilates for mental health is that it promotes mindfulness. Essentially, mindfulness is a meditation technique that involves actively focusing on the present moment. Being mindful of emotions one is experiencing in the here and now without judgment, promotes stress reduction and relaxation. Pilates exercises stimulate mindfulness by guiding individuals into this meditative state using breathing techniques and stretching. Thus, allowing individuals to take advantage of the benefits of this practice during pilates sessions.

Pilates can Help to Reduce Anxiety and Manage Stress Levels

Pilates evokes mindfulness, allowing the emotional state to better deal with stress and anxiety. But, it also helps to reduce anxiety and manage stress on a physical level too. Physical exercise has shown to help the body release endorphins. These endorphins are essential for mood management. And, even help to boost mood, promoting feelings of happiness and general wellbeing. Furthermore, physical exercise during pilates sessions can also allow the body to reduce hormones related to stress (ex: cortisol). So, if you’re looking for a non-invasive way to improve stress and manage anxiety, pilates is a great option.

Pilates can Help to Reduce and Manage Symptoms of Depression

Pilates can work as a supportive technique to treating mental health conditions including depression and other mood disorders. Exercise is an effective tool in the management of negative moods and emotions. This is because, as previously mentioned, it helps to promote the release of mood-regulating endorphins and reduce stress-related hormones. Exercise is recognized as a successful and integral tool for people living with depression, and pilates is an excellent choice for exercise.

Choosing Pilates as a Part of Your Mental Health Routine

The benefits of pilates for mental health are many. But, pilates is most effective with professional pilates instructor training. With professional guidance during sessions, individuals can get the most from their pilates sessions. This way, they can experience all the mental health benefits that pilates has to offer.

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