Pilates Palm Beach Style

At Palm Beach Pilates, we primarily focus on an inside out format of training. The inside out process consists in focusing first on what joint or limb needs attention and thus eventually bringing that detailed attention outside. We conduct consciousness to a movement by connecting our mind with the body.

The purpose of pilates is to stabilize, increase balance, strength, flexibility and body awareness. By working from the inside, we protect and support our internal organs and bones, and also focus on the front as well as the back of the spine. To re-establish a great posture, work needs to be done inside through our multiple layers of muscles.

By the way of thinking that less is more we can focus on proper movements. Here, we will teach you the stabilized way of doing the Joseph Pilates exercises. Before being able to do big limb movements, we must first stabilize and control the movement patterns.

Pilates is here for you to feel good. Relax, enter a world of wellness, and forget about everything else. Let the stress go away and take care of your body. Feel the movement and be present with your body.

Athletes, for example, put a lot of pressure on their bodies. They often repeat the same movements repetitively. This function may naturally change their posture or stability. To prevent these imbalances and postural problems, athletes should work even harder on their inside out program training.

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